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Award-Winning PowerSuit Men and Women *Fit For Life

Available at Sports Outlets or order Online Weighted Vest: $259 U.S. Weighted Shorts: $239 U.S. [Comes with weights] Buy more weights (30 lbs – 4.5 oz each): $29.99 US. Used for vest/ shorts. TBA: Working on 9 oz size weights. Shipping: $32 US/CAN. International Shipping contact us ~100% Money back Guarantee .


Power your future

The Power Suit is breathable like a leaf. You can wear it all day, wicking away sweat. Wear it under your suit, at work and at home. That is why they call it the Power Suit. The benefits are far greater than you think when you see the results as muscle, performance excel. Wear the Power Suit swimming! Yes, it is water proof, even with the weights.

Extensive testing and performance advancements have proven to be the best workout weighted VEST and weighted SHORTS in the world today.

The PowerSuit In Health Recovery, Improving Bone Density And Posture

The PowerSuit is used in Health Recovery by Physiotherapists. Bone density is improved in Osteoperosis preventative measures. Posture improves along with overall muscle growth and maintenance.

Lebert Veira, CEO The PowerSuit

About Lebert

Lebert Veira is a Basketball Coach and the brains behind The Power Suit. As a coach, he brought his team to victory for the first time since its inception. A health specialist, with over 12 years of experience in promoting the Power Suit by helping local people and professionals all over the world. Lebert achieved success due to his commitment to quality and comfort.

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The PowerSuit Team:

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New York, 10028