We offer a range of sizes from Small to XXXL for your quality Training weighted vest and weighted shorts. The PowerSuit weighted vest will advance your Training and boost your workout regimen faster than you can imagine. Invest in your future. What size is right for you? Any questions you may have about the PowerSuit and recommended size? Call the experts! Contact us.

Getting our online pay button together. For now text our office: 647-527-4737 Toronto, ON. CAN . We can start to process your order by sending an invoice to your email as proof of purchase. Click a button to pay with credit card or payPal and we will send out your item the same day with a tracking number. Our U.S. or Canada warehouse will be sending the item. PayPal is trustworthy for secure payments.

Weighted Vest and Weighted Shorts for Men

Men’s Vest + Shorts

Highly flexible material that snaps right back. Heavy weight boxers, bike riders and power walkers all rely on the PowerSuit. Includes 12 x 4.5 oz. weights with your purchase.: (Note: Our vests come in 2 lengths. Let us know what you want. We will custom fit them for you. Call/TEXT Lebert at 647-527-4737 He will make sure you are well looked after. It’s because we want to make sure you are very satisfied with your choices. We believe in our product and stand by it. 100% )

Weighted Vest and Weighted Shorts for Ladies

Ladies Vest + Shorts

Slim profile and highly flexible material . Women’s vest and shorts are comfortable and strong. Includes 12 x 4.5 oz weights with each purchase. You can see the strong front zipper. The entire vest and shorts are build to take as much of a beating as you can give them. We have never had any come back in the last 15 years we have been making this workout, weighted set. No time for the gym today? No exercise? Bogged down with work are you? Just wear the vest all day. You are getting a workout!


The Stomatex™ fabric used for the weighted vest and the weighted shorts have a two way S-T-R-E-T-C-H that also snaps back into shape and is ‘breathable’ to keep your core temperature comfortable while you are wearing the PowerSuit –> Made for Power Training (Rigorous workout) and power walking (low impact) –> Weights can be added to the front and back of the vest and bottom front area of the shorts. Weighted Vest Maximum: 20 Lbs. (9kg.) Weighted Shorts Max: 10 Lbs. (4.5kg.) Additional weights sold separately

CARE: Hand wash in cold water (add a tablespoon of salt to the wash). Hang up (using a somewhat padded or wooden hanger) to dry.

Waterproof Weights: Flat finger-length weights. Multi-use for all forms of fitness activities including aquatics. Lifetime Guarantee.

100% Money back Guaranteed

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